Roots in the Garden Summer Program 2017



Join us this summer for our Seven week farm themed camp!

Children ages 3-5 are welcome

Our summer program runs from July 8th to August 23rd. The day begins at 8:00am and ends at 5:30pm. Similar to our school program, children enrolled in the summer camp are given 2 snacks a day as well as lunch provided by The Barrel House.

At Community Roots School we feel it is extremely important to know and understand where our food comes from. That combined with our love for being outdoors and all things nature, we have designed our summer program around creating our own little farm.

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1 : Welcome Summer/ Where Does Our Food Come From?

Week 2 : What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Week 3 : Garden Maps/Planting Our Garden

Week 4 : Garden Math

Week 5 : Bees and Butterflies

Week 6 : Roots in the Garden Summer Market

Week 7 : Roots in the Garden Summer Farm Stand and Goodbye Summer


For tuition rates and more information on our summer program, please email us at with the subject “Summer Program.”

Thank you!